About S&R Design Jewellery

About our Jewellery

Resin Jewellery
All my Resin Jewellery, including rings, bangles, earrings and pendants are all designed and made by me Angie. They are all handmade, hand poured resin mixed with glitters, paints, inks, flowers from my garden (which I dry myself can take up 2-3 weeks depending on a flower eg, a rose), 100's & 1000's and lots of silver, gold and rose gold foil as I love the glamour and sparkle. They can take up to 24-48hrs to cure and then I can sand them and polish them, drill them into earrings or pendants and gorgeous bangles. Usually ready to be posted 2-3 days.

Hand Stamping
Hand stamping is another passion of mine which involves a hammer and  metal stamp letters. Each hit of the hammer to each letter will make a precious name or an inspirational word for someone special with meaning and be treasured. As it is all by hand and a hard hit to get the letter into the stainless steel there is no way two products can be exactly the same. I will always send you a picture of a sample after an email discussing exactly what your needs are once you have made your purchase. Once you are happy with your picture then I will go ahead and finish your jewellery.

Stainless Steel
Our Stainless Steel products are jewellery grade 316L we also carry 304 Stainless Steel for some of our chains which will be easily identified in the description. Stainless steel is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. Stainless Steel is hypo allergenic, it doesn't rust, change colour or tarnish. 

Stainless Steel IP Plating Yellow Gold & Rose Gold

The process used to colour the Yellow Gold and Rose Gold pieces is called IP Plating (Ion Plating). The centre of the circle is stainless steel and the outside has a layer of titanium oxide, which can be used as a pigment (yellow gold and rose gold) and has the same non allergenic properties as stainless steel. The process turns the titanium oxide into electric ions which becomes harder and more durable coating with a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods. 

.925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. 
Silver by itself is normally too soft by itself that is why it is alloyed with other metals to give strength. 
All silver will tarnish over time.
To bring the jewellery back to its original luster it can be cleaned with a jewellery polishing cloth.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
A cubic zirconia has such a close visual likeness to a diamond that only a trained eye can easily differentiate
between the two. A cubic zirconia will weigh about 1.7 times more than a diamond of equivalent shape and 
is available in a variety of colours. All carat weights listed on our website are to a diamonds equivalent.

Rhodium is a lustrous, hard, durable, silvery-white metallic material that is found in the platinum group of metals. 
Because of its brilliance, rhodium is often plated on other materials to produce a durable corrosion-resistant 

How to Care for Your Jewellery

Stainless Steel

Our products are all made and finished with a high shine polish, leaving little work for you to do.

Our Stainless products just need a light wipe with a microfibre cloth to remove any fingermarks. We recommend no need for silver polishing cloths as it will damage the plating on the Gold IP and Rose Gold IP pieces. 

As recommended it is advisable to remove jewellery before entering swimming pools, Jacuzzi and before carrying out activities where jewellery could come into contact with chemicals.

Sterling Silver
It is suggested to use soap and water to remove dirt or residue from your jewellery and to dry your jewellery with 
a soft cloth. It is not suggested to use paper towels or tissues to dry your jewellery. Once dry, a jewellery polishing 
cloth can be used to bring back your jewellery’s shine.

It is best to avoid any type of abrasive cleaners or chemicals as this can cause discolouration or scratch your 
jewellery. It is best not to immerse your jewellery in water if it contains stones of any kind, as this can cause 
the stones to come loose.

Resin Jewellery
If after time the shine becomes a little dull use a little of your favroite moisturiser or olive oil and polish it with a soft cloth. 


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